Animal & Livestock

Animal and Livestock

Animal weighing is now an essential part of the farmer and Vets daily activities. We can provide solutions on this rather difficult activity.  Here are some common products we supply and support.

Gallagher Weighbars

Gallagher Indicators

 600mm loadbars  W610
  • Available in 600mm and 1000mm lengths
  • 2000kg to 4500kg capacity
  • Waterproof load cell connectors
  • Three weighing modes, Auto, fine and Manual
  • 4 models to choose with statistics, EID and PC output
  • Indicator will recognize and calibrate to other bars
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NuWeigh CHR592

NuWeigh MIL589

 CHR592Vet  MIL589
  • 300 kg capacity and 50 gram resolution
  • Non slip rubber mat over stainless plate
  • Animal weigh mode to lock and hold the weight
  • 1000mm stainless steel weighbars
  • Can be approved for trade use
  • 2 x heavy duty load cells per bar
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