A selection of weight indicators covering simple weighing through top advanced batch controllers.  There will be one to fit your needs.

Rinstrum R320

Rinstrum R420

 R320  R420
  • Entry level indicator but plenty of useful features
  • Programmable function key, will drive 4 load cells
  • Backlit display
  • Serial and digital I/O available
  • Flexible housing and mountings available
  • Extremely flexible instrument using different application software
  • Modular accessories expand the capabilities, including Analogue, Ethernet, Digital I/O, Data storage
  • Will drive up to 16 load cells.
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Rinstrum R5000

Rinstrum R5100

 R5000  R5100
Popular and flexible instrument
Clock calendar fitted plus RS232 and RS485 standard
Setpoint and Analogue option cards
Powerful Batching indicator with up to 99 recipes
Up to 20 products with 6 as standard
Full log reporting, a must for audit trails
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Mettler Toledo ICS449

Gedge GS2800

 ICS469  GS2800
  • Stainless steel Industrial Compact Series
  • Waterproof to IP69K
  • 3 colour changing display useful in checkweighing
  • Optional RS485, USB and Ethernet outputs
  • Fully programmable Batching controller/PLC
  • 20 recipes each with 32 recipe steps
  • 12 optically isolated output and 10 inputs
  • Complete Batch log reporting
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A&D 4407


 A&D4407  SW-D
  • Rugged stainless steel indicator sealed to IP65
  • VFD display for low light conditions
  • AC powered
  • Ideal in the meat processing industry
  • Super Washdown IP69K indicator to withstand high pressure cleaning
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • 2 year warranty and multi coloured LED display
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