Laboratory weighing can be divided into a few distinct groups:

Compact Balances:     Low resolution, cheaper instruments and often portable. Used in schools and Kitchens etc.

Precision Balances:    Higher resolution (2 or 3 decimal places), low to mid range capacities.

Analytical Balances:   High precision (4 and 5 decimal places), capacities under 300 g.

Moisture Analysers:   Precision balance with heating element with drying software to determine moisture content.

Industrial Balances:   High capacity instruments 10 – 60 kg and 1 or 2 decimal places.

Compact Balances

A&D HT series

A&D EJ series

ht-120  EJ-Series - Copy
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A&D EKi Series

Ohaus Navigator Series

 EKi series  Navigator
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Precision Balances

Ohaus Adventurer


Adventurer_Family_Righ  FXi
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Mettler Toledo XP series

A&D GX series

 XP precision  gx series
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Analytical Balances

Ohaus Explorer

Mettler Toledo XP

explorer analytical  XP Analytical
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Industrial Balances

Ohaus Explorer


explorer industrial  gx-30k
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A&D GP Series

GP series

Moisture Analysers

A&D MX, MF, ML Series

Ohaus MB 25

MX-50  MB25
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Ohaus MB 45