Load Cells

Load Cells

The amount of brands, types and capacities of load cells is simply mind boggling.  Here is an overview of the different types of load cells we generally deal with, and brief descriptions for their uses. Mounting hardware and assemblies are also shown for the OEM or Engineer.

Shear Beam

Single Point

 shear beam  aluminium single point
  • Used in platforms, hoppers, weigh bars
  • Can be manufactured in tool steel, aluminium and stainless
  • Capacities range from 10kg to 20 tonne
  • Used in single platform applications such as bench and retail scales
  • Capacities from 1kg to 500 kg

S Beam


 S Beam  Compression
  • Generally used in tension applications, bagging scales, hanging scales, crane weighers etc
  • Capacities 10 kg to 5 tonne
  • High capacity, mainly used under weighbridges
  • Normally analogue construction, but there are also digital versions available through certain manufacturers

Bending Beam

Double ended shear beam

 Bending beam  double ended shear beam
  • Baggers, checkweighers, production equipment, lever cell conversions
  • Capacities from 10 kg to 300 kg
  • Fast response time
  • High capacity applications like silo’s and weighbridges
  • Requires special mounting hardware which usually provides uplift restraints

Pressure Transducers


 pressure transducer  Universal
  • For forklift and wheeled loader applications
  • Generally between 1000 psi and 10,000 psi
  • Can be used in Tension and Compression applications
  • Used in Destructive and non destructive test machines

Load cell accessories:

Load Cell Mounts:

Load Button and Socket

Compression Restraints

 load button and socket  Compression constraint
  • For shear beam cells in hopper installations
  • With compression cells under tanks and silos to limit lateral, horizontal and uplift movement

Levelling Legs

Shear beam full mounts

 levelling leg  Shear beam mounts
  • For platform scales and shear beam cells
  • Used under large vessels, provides uplift restraint and base plate mounting

Rubber mounts

Double Ended Beam Assembly

 Rubber mounts  double ended shear beam assembly
  • Eliminates vibration and spreads the loading point in an installation
  • Useful in cattle weighing or Silo scales
  • These assemblies are generally supplied with the purchase of the cell
  • Work well in tank and weighbridge applications