Weighbridges are a large proportion of our service work at S E Weighing Services. We provide service, testing and verification for all clients using their bridge in a trade approved situation.  With our test truck and 20 tonne of Reg13 masses we have the ability to test and verify bridges and heavy duty instruments up to 80 tonne.

We can also supply and install new instruments. We work in partnership with Ultra Hawke and Newcastle Weighing to provide you with the right type and construction of bridge.

We specialize in road weighbridges which will be constructed with either a steel deck or concrete infill.  These bridges will generally be pitless type but fully in-ground pit weighbridges are another option.

Our trained technicians are all trained to install and commission your new investment in accordance with the appropriate code of practice.  We will also fit and install all the required electronics, from remote displays, traffic lights, driver control stations and appropriate software.

Truck scale

Deck Size

Full size decks are a popular choice of weighing, but with bigger and bigger trucks, modular or multi deck systems are becoming more prevalent

If you are after axle weights then an axle weighbridge or a multi deck bridge could be your answer.

Portable weighbridges are another variation where the bridge is assembled as a whole assembly and is placed on  a prepared surface  this can then be relocated with a minimum of fuss to another location.

Blue Axle Pads


In Motion Weighing

Then you might want to explore the option of weighing in motion as opposed to static weighing.  Rinstrum provide a non approved in motion axle weighing solution which we are happy to promote.

In motion weighbridge



Weighbridge Software

Both Ultra and Newcastle Weighing have their own proven application software and have software engineers that will customize it to your exact needs.  We can work with you to achieve this result or you deal directly with their engineers.

Ultra WB software




NWS weigh software



Weight Indicators

There are a number of dedicated weighbridge indicators on the market which can handle the basic weigh in and weigh out function of a weighbridge.  This is generally a manned operation can often avoid the costly installation of a PC based software system.  Here are a few examples of intelligent indicators that S E Weighing supply and service.

Rinstrum R400 truck

Rinstrum R5230

 R400 truck  R5230
  • 16 load cells for large deck bridges
  • 250 truck IDs, single and two pass weighing
  • Simple two button operation
  • Drive up to 12 load cells


  • Axle weighing and split weighing options
  • Weigh in and out with 200 memories



Mettler Toledo IND560


  • Analogue of Powercell inputs
  • One and two pass weighing with 100 Truck ID’s
  • Truck weighing application software enabled
  • Qwerty keyboard facility

Mettler Toledo IND780


  • Analogue of Powercell inputs
  • One or two decks with summing feature
  • Graphical display, USB qwerty keyboard
  • Weigh in and out with temp or permanent Tare IDs.
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